Pre-Collection Services

Pre-Collection Services

Our Pre-Collection Service is a great way to manage your accounts receivable. We will make collection calls on your behalf while operating not as a collection agency but as a part of your accounts receivable team.

With this service you can know that your accounts receivable are being taken care of by us and freeing up time for your employees to focus on their tasks at hand. Know with confidence that our privacy policy extends to this service.  We handle accounts not yet ready for collection while strictly adhering to the same PIPEDA Privacy Principles we use for regular Debt Collection Services.

Benefits for using this service:

  • No commission is charged
  • Pricing is based on our hourly rate or volumes of calls submitted
  • Provides consistency & regular follow up if required
  • Increases the possibility for earlier recovery
  • Increases value of your receivables
  • Less internal administration
  • Maintains positive customer relations
  • Increases your cash flow
  • Reduces credit losses & the need for placing accounts for regular collection
  • Ideal during busy seasons, vacations, maternity leaves and staff relief
  • All results are reported back to you

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