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Eastern Credit Management Services offers a broad range of comprehensive services specifically designed to encompass the entire accounts receivable and credit process. Our credit management experts will work with you every step of the way to identify your needs, and to develop and implement tailor made services which are right for you.

Debt Collection Services

Our Debt Collection Services are designed to help you collect money faster while keeping your long-term customer relationships in mind. Our bilingual collection experts determine your customer’s ability and willingness to pay and offer them realistic payment solutions. We provide consistent follow up on all accounts and negotiate full payment over the shortest period of time possible.

At Eastern we offer over 30 years of experience handling a wide variety of large, medium and small balance accounts. We accept accounts from a broad range of business and industry sectors and handle both Commercial Accounts (Sole-Proprietorship, Limited/Incorporated Company, or Partnership) and Consumer Accounts (on a person).

Our approach to the collection of overdue accounts has always been very much a professional one. Our collection experts work with your customer, not against them to find the right payment solution.

Our Client Services Representatives are available at any time to provide you with an update on the status of your accounts. We can also provide you with our Client Account Inventory or Historical Statistical Report upon request. These reports will help you to keep track of our progress on your accounts and reflect all accounts placed with us for collection.

How to submit accounts for collection:


Our Industries of Expertise

  • Health & Medical
    (Hospitals, Ambulance Services, Medical Supplies, Dental Clinics)
  • Utility &Telecommunications
  • Energy
    (Power, Home Heating, Fuel)
  • Professional Organizations
    (Law, Accounting, Insurance, Funeral)
  • Financial Institutions
    (Banks, Finance Companies, Credit Unions)
  • University & Post-Secondary Education
  • Construction & Renovation
    (Plumbing, Engineering, Electrical, Building Material, Roofing, Flooring)
  • Industrial Suppliers & Wholesalers
    (Food Industry, Commercial Supply & Services)
  • Municipalities & Government
  • Veterinary Hospitals & Clinics
  • Lawn Care
  • Transportation
  • Charitable Groups & Organizations

Why Choose Us?

Final Demand Service

Our Final Demand Service provides you with effective in-house credit management tools that will assist you in obtaining faster payment from your customers.  This service is specifically designed to become part of your internal credit management process.

Your annual subscription to this service includes:

  • Authorization to use the Eastern name on reminder notices, collection letters & invoices
  • Eastern stamp for use on overdue invoices
    (physical or electronic stamps available)
  • Eastern 10 day Final Demand notices
  • Follow up of all Final Demand Notices sent
  • Unpaid accounts will move in to regular Debt Collection
    (with your authorization)

Contact us today at info@easterncms.com for more information on how this effective service can work for you!

Pre-Collection Services

Our Pre-Collection Service is a great way to manage your accounts receivable. We will make collection calls on your behalf while operating not as a collection agency but as a part of your accounts receivable team.

With this service you can know that your accounts receivable are being taken care of by us and freeing up time for your employees to focus on their tasks at hand. Know with confidence that our privacy policy extends to this service.  We handle accounts not yet ready for collection while strictly adhering to the same PIPEDA Privacy Principles we use for regular Debt Collection Services.

Benefits for using this service:

  • No commission is charged
  • Pricing is based on our hourly rate or volumes of calls submitted
  • Provides consistency & regular follow up if required
  • Increases the possibility for earlier recovery
  • Increases value of your receivables
  • Less internal administration
  • Maintains positive customer relations
  • Increases your cash flow
  • Reduces credit losses & the need for placing accounts for regular collection
  • Ideal during busy seasons, vacations, maternity leaves and staff relief
  • All results are reported back to you

Contact us today for more information!

Skip-Tracing & Locating

Three decades in the Credit Management and Collection has given us the experience and the network to effectively locate those “hard to find” customers.

You could benefit from this service if you are a business who is:

  • Trying to find an overdue customer
  • Trying to find a person for service of document
  • Trying to locate the beneficiary of an estate
  • Trying to locate someone for Court appearance

To submit a file for our Skip Tracing & Locating Service please contact us today!

Legal Actions

We recommend legal action on an account when:

  • All other collection methods have been exhausted
  • There is a dispute that is unlikely to be resolved
  • The customer does not respond to attempts to collect
  • The customer is employed and/or owns property and/or has the ability to pay
  • The balance is significant enough to warrant further action(and the cost involved)

For more information or to file a claim please contact us today!

We handle accounts requiring legal action in both Small Claims Court and in the Court of Queens Bench. We handle the entire legal process on your behalf from start to finish.
Our team takes care of:

  • legal paperwork
  • court filing
  • process serving
  • requesting of judgment
  • registration process

Accounts can be submitted to Eastern for immediate legal action; however, we recommend placing the accounts for our Debt Collection Services prior to initiating the legal process. This ensures that your customer has been given every opportunity to resolve the matter outside of court.  In conjunction with our Legal Action Services we also handle:

  • Property Searches
  • Skip Tracing & Locating
  • PPRS Registrations

Process Serving

Eastern offers over 30 years of experience serving documents in any location.

We provide:

  • Fast respectful reliable service
  • Results reported back to you
  • Service of documents provided for any area
  • Local service, Global network
  • Attempts are made during day, evening and on weekends as necessary
  • Every effort is made to successfully serve in the shortest period of time
  • Court compliant Affidavit provided upon service completion
  • In house Commissioners of Oaths
  • Competitive Rates

Documents for service can be forwarded to our office via Email, Mail, or Courier.   Contact us today for more information!

Email us at :  serve@easterncms.com


Eastern Credit Management Services provides fast, efficient and courteous repossession services for all areas in Atlantic Canada.

We specialize in the recovery of vehicles, motorcycles, heavy equipment, recreational vehicles, as well as many other assets upon request . Our policy is to treat people with respect and we will do everything possible to maintain your reputation as well as our own.

Our trained professionals are experts at locating and securing those hard to find assets.

Once Eastern has received your repossession request we will locate and secure the asset in the shortest possible time.  The asset will be sent to the Auction house of your choice or to your own compound.

Outstanding deficiency balances may be submitted for our Debt Collection Services. If you have assets to be recovered contact us today and let our team go to work for you.  We will send you our indemnification form and get the process started!

Mortgage Sales, Postings, and Auctioneer Services

Eastern Credit Management Services offers many years of experience handling Mortgage Sales & Postings.

Our experienced professional bilingual Auctioneers handle the process from start to finish.

  • Notice of Mortgage Sale,  Posted in all required locations
  • Auctioning of the property
  • We act as an Agent on behalf of our Clients when necessary
  • All results reported back to you
  • We offer competitive rates and quick response time.

To request these services please contact us for more information.

Collection Training Seminars

Eastern Credit Management Services is pleased to offer Collection Training Seminars. These sessions are ideal if you work in a Credit Department, if you are responsible for your organizations Accounts Receivable, or if you are simply looking for a refresher on the basics!

Topics Include:

  • Customer Service Approach to Collections
  • Debt Collection Tips
  • Signs Your Customer is NOT Going to Pay
  • Steps to Handling Complaint Calls
  • Setting Up Payment Plans
  • Handling Difficult Customers
  • Privacy Concerns (PIPEDA)

All topics and content will be provided in a take-home booklet and all participants receive Eastern Credit Management Services Certificate of Participation. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and share experiences and best practices with other participants. We guarantee you will gain valuable knowledge!

If you would like to book a session exclusively for your company please contact us for more information.

Consulting Services

With over three decades in the credit and collection industry our experts can provide you with invaluable information on managing your Accounts Receivable.  Some of the areas we can assist with include:

  • Creating effective credit applications
  • How to write collection letters
  • Overdue account work flow
  • Efficient invoicing practices
  • General information on managing your accounts receivable
  • And much more…..

For more information please Contact Us.

Our Rates

For information on our rates please contact us by phone, at 1-800-561-4151, or by e-mail info@easterncms.com