Client FAQS

The minimum amount we accept for collection is $50.00.

Legal documents can be sent to our office by email, mail or courier.  Please contact our office for more information or to arrange pick up of your legal documents.  To email your request please send to


Yes we will provide status updates on your accounts upon request.

Yes we provide collection services to all industries. We do however reserve the right to choose not to accept an account depending on the circumstances involved.  We do not accept personal accounts for collection.

Please contact us for information regarding our rates..

Yes in addition to Debt Collection Services we offer several other services.  Please click HERE for more information.

If in the event we cannot collect your overdue customer accounts, for whatever reason, there are still benefits to submitting them to us for collection. All accounts are accepted on a “No Collection, No Charge” basis, so in the event we cannot collect, there is no cost to you.  In addition after 30 days of placement all accounts not paid within this time frame are reported to Equifax and TransUnion. Therefore the overdue account becomes part of the consumer’s credit history. Over time this process could increase the chance for recovery.

Accounts submitted for collection will remain on the credit file for six years which is the Statute of Limitations, from the date of invoice or last acknowledgement (last payment).  (Some exceptions may apply based on Client requirements)

Yes, the age of the account does matter when placing it for collection. We are unable to accept any accounts which are over six years old, from the date of last invoice or last acknowledgement (last payment).

Yes, Eastern Credit Management Services strictly adheres to PIPEDA privacy guidelines to protect both you and your customer. Click HERE for our full privacy policy.

Yes we do accept reassigned accounts for collection provided the accounts have been closed with the original agency first. Please contact us for more information.


We do not accept personal accounts for collection.

We do accept Judgment accounts for collection. We require a copy of the Judgment document and any other pertinent information you may have.

We may recommend legal action on an account when it meets certain criteria. This criteria includes the age of the account, amount involved, property ownership, all other methods have failed, unresolvable dispute. Click HERE for more information.

Yes you can still submit the account for collection.  We will attempt to locate the customer as we proceed with our collection process. Please provide all information available.