Consumer FAQS

Eastern Credit Management Services strictly adheres to the PIPEDA Privacy Laws, and takes all necessary steps to comply with other Laws under which we are licensed to ensure the privacy of our Clients and their Customers. Click HERE for information on our full privacy policy.

If we have contacted you regarding an account that does not belong to you please Contact Us so we can correct our account information and prevent further correspondence going to you.

If you have received a collection letter from us please contact our office right away. Click HERE for our contact information.

These companies can be contacted at –



All account information and updates are sent electronically to Equifax and TransUnion on a monthly basis. Generally it may take 30-45 business days for your payment to reflect on your credit file.

Please contact our office to discuss your options for installment payments.

Your account is due in full. Please click HERE to contact us for more information on payment options.

It may still affect your credit depending on the nature and validity of the dispute.

If you are a Bank of Montreal customer you can add us as a payee in your online banking. We also provide several other payment options available, click HERE to visit our payment page.

Once your account has been submitted to us for collection you have a thirty (30) day grace period in which you can pay your account. After the thirty days expire, your account will be reported to Equifax and TransUnion.

Accounts submitted for collection may remain on your credit file for six years, which is the Statute of Limitations. Once you pay off your account it will show as paid in full on your credit file.  This process usually takes 30-45 business days as we provide electronic updates to Equifax and TransUnion once a month for all accounts.  After the six year period expires your account will automatically be removed from your credit file. (Some exceptions may apply depending on Client requirements)

Please click HERE for information on payment options.

Unpaid accounts that are in collection may affect your credit. It is important to pay any outstanding accounts as soon as possible in order to minimize the impact it could have on your ability to obtain credit.  For more information regarding your credit file please contact  or


If you have an old account showing on your credit file please contact our office for assistance.

To check or request a copy of your credit file please contact   or


We offer several convenient ways for you to pay your account. To find out how to pay Click HERE