Process Server? How Can They Help My Business?

Process Server? How Can They Help My Business?

Unless you work in the Legal Services industry chances are you’ve not had to use a process server. Process servers are sometimes referred to as bailiffs and are the “couriers” who ensure legal documents are delivered to the right individuals and are an integral part of the legal process. The role of the process server is one dictated by professionalism, information, and urgency.

The most important skill a process server can have is professionalism. Every legal file is different from the rest and has its own set of emotions and challenges that affect the party or parties being served. It is critical that process servers maintain a professional demeanor, especially when emotions get heated. A good process server knows how to keep calm and treat the served party with respect, even when tensions rise.

If professionalism is the most valuable skill a process server can possess, information is the most valuable resource they can possess. The more information a process server is provided the easier it is for them to serve the documents they’ve been hired to handle. Sometimes the serving of a document takes multiple attempts to reach the party it is intended for, this is why information is such a key component. If the process server has information such as several addresses and contact numbers there are more opportunities to serve the document.

Dealing with legal documents time is of the essence, so a sense of urgency is always driving the process server. Armed with information process servers will continuously attempt to complete the service. Making several attempts at different times of the day to serve the documents. This continual sense of urgency is important when dealing with legal matters.

Service of process is an important cog in the legal machine and the process server makes sure that the delivery of legal documents goes smoothly. Equipped with information, professionalism, and a strong sense of urgency they keep the legal process moving. Without process serving, many people would not know they are being summonsed or taken to court.